Jesus takes up his cross, ViaCrucis station 2 painting by A.Vonn Hartung

“Jesus takes up his cross” is an original painting by A.Vonn Hartung (2002); it is station 2 of 14 Stations of the Cross for Santa Rosa de Lima Church in Puerto Rico
Commissioned by Mons. Antonio “Tito” José Vázquez
(Photo by Greger Norrevik)

This is the dreaded moment among many dreaded moments.
To not dread such a Trial would not be fully human! This is the price of speaking Truth to Power; of doing miracles in public where the Pharisees could see; of proclaiming The Kingdom of God
to the humble of heart, the downtrodden but also to the proud and dangerous leaders of the Temple…

Yes THIS is their Day, the day they planned and waited for so long and schemed for Pilate, The Roman Prelate to do their killing for them. It is the Big News flying around Jerusalem today, the trial and death penalty has been issued for Jesus the Carpenter’s son who calls Himself the Son of God.

The Children symbolize innocence and purity.

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