"The Life and Prophecy of St. John the Baptist" mosic mural by AVonnHartung in Orocovis, Puerto Rico

“The Life and Prophecy of St. John the Baptist” mosaic mural by AVonnHartung
In Orocovis, Puerto Rico
Commissioned by Padre Jorge Santiago Cartagena SDB

This mosaic mural which depicts the life and prophecy of St. John the Baptist in the sanctuary of Parroquia San Juan Bautista in the central mountain town of Orocovis, Puerto Rico.

Conceived in three arches which represent the Holy Trinity, the story of St. John the Baptist is expressed across time in the sanctuary of Christ’s church and includes the priest and congregation today in the fulfillment of sacred liturgy. When viewed from the rear of the Church during Mass, the servers and congregation are seen as completing the work of art.

This mosaic mural, is made up of over fifty different types/colors of tile; approximately 100,000 tiles constitute the completed work. They include Italian red marble, large porcelain floor tiles and a mixed variety of porcelain, ceramic, vitreous, iridescent and gold mosaic tessarae. The many varieties of tiles are meant to represent the intricate nature of Creation and all point up to our Risen Lord, the Incarnate and sum total of all Creation.

If we are blessed to view the mosaic during the Holy Mass we will realize that the mosaic, the sanctuary as background for the priests with the holy consecrated body of our Lord Jesus Christ, the altar servers and the congregation all work together in a moving way to bring the full significance, glory and honor of the gift of faith that has been handed down through our Catholic belief and teaching that holds for us the promise of salvation and glory of things to come.

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