Painting "Peter, do you love me?"_10th Station of the Resurrection by avonnhartung

“Peter, do you love me?”_10th Station of the Resurrection by avonnhartung

Reproduction of original painting “Peter, do you love me?” from the series of 14 Stations of the Resurrection, “Via Lucis” by avonnhartung. The cruciform frame shows the nail holes from the Crucifixion of Jesus the Christ.
Here we have the essence of the faith, Love. Love one another as I have loved you. So, Christ Jesus tells Peter, If you love me, you will love and care for my little ones, you will care for my faithful, you will care for the old and the vulnerable because that is the essence of Love, to care for each other. Here we can see the language of art working together to bring this moment, this message alive.

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