Painting "Go tell my brothers"_3rd Station of the Resurrection by avonnhartung

“Go tell my brothers”_3rd Station of the Resurrection by avonnhartung

Reproduction of original painting “Go tell my brothers” from the series of 14 Stations of the Resurrection,
“Via Lucis” by avonnhartung. The cruciform frame shows the nail holes from the Crucifixion of Jesus the Christ. Mary Magdalene encounters Christ. The gestures express the reading. Again we are inside the tomb looking out. The two angels, the one on the right with the scroll of the Old Testament and the verse from Isaiah 7:14 which prophesizes the Messiah; the angel on the left holds a book which is blank, for the New Testament has yet to be written. We see Golgotha and the three crosses in the background in the dawning light.

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