Painting "Then their eyes were opened"_5th Station of the Resurrection by avonnhartung

“Then their eyes were opened”_5th Station of the Resurrection by avonnhartung

Reproduction of original painting “Then their eyes were opened” from the series of 14 Stations of the Resurrection, “Via Lucis” by avonnhartung. The cruciform frame shows the nail holes from the Crucifixion of Jesus the Christ. In contrast to the previous station, this scene is peaceful, centered and subdued like the setting of the sun beyond the distant hills. The sharing of the meal under a soft tent-like shelter on the roof of the house at Emmaus. The opening of the curtain reminds us of the tearing of the curtain in the temple when Christ died on the cross. It is that moment of recognition when with the breaking of the bread the disciples recognize this stranger as their Lord, the Risen Christ.

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