Painting "It is the Lord!"_9th Station of the Resurrection by avonnhartung

“It is the Lord!”_9th Station of the Resurrection by avonnhartung

Reproduction of original painting “It is the Lord!” from the series of 14 Stations of the Resurrection, “Via Lucis” by avonnhartung. The cruciform frame shows the nail holes from the Crucifixion of Jesus the Christ. The Light of Christ as a beacon of Faith. As what oftentimes happens, the fishermen came up short, a whole night spent without a fish for breakfast. Christ appears as a beacon of Hope and He fills their net with bounty. The boat swings into action, the tilt of the mast and that of the crossbeam, the prow and the stern all point towards the fulfilment of the Lord’s commandment, “cast your net”. Blessings of abundance are yours if only you are obedient and have faith in the voice of your shepherd.

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