Jesus falls the first time. ViaCrucis station 3 painting by AVonnHartung

Jesus falls the first time
ViaCrucis station 3 painting by AVonnHartung
At Parroquia Santa Rosa de Lima, Puerto Rico
Commissioned by Mons. Antonio “Tito” José Vázquez
(Photo by Greger Norrevik)

Jesus falls. The Cross is extremely heavy, so heavy he has to drag it. He is exhausted from lack of sleep; it has been over 30 hours since he last slept and He has endured repeated brutal beatings and torture. The day is hot and the way crowded with spectators many-most jeering and perhaps even tripping him up.

In the midst of this scandalous spectacle rushes an old man full of compassion, not concerned for his own safety as also is the Saintly woman who rushes to help him as well and a man from the crowd a stranger who steps forward to steady the Cross.

Here we also see the gentle and good people along The Way – even the creatures of Creation draw near as in witness of our Lord’s Passion.

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