St. John Evangelist high relief wood sculpture by AVonnHartung for St. Paul's Catholic Church (Pensacola, Florida)

St. John Evangelist

“St. John Evangelist”
A high relief wood sculpture 12 x 33 x 3″, by AVonnHartung
Commissioned by Father Doug Halsema via Liturgical Consultant Dr. Steven Schloeder

For ambo in St. Paul’s Church, Pensacola, Florida

St. John the Evangelist with St.Mary whom he cared for after our Lord’s crucifixion (Jn 19:26, 27) seen here at Ephesus, the Isle of Patmos on the horizon where he was imprisoned and wrote Revelation.

He embraces his gospel to his heart in a manner that brings to mind the Passion of our Lord.

His crossed arms define the shape of a chalice (Christ’s sacred blood) and an hourglass, reminding us that He is the Alpha and the Omega.

Above the saint flies the eagle, John’s symbol of vision and highest inspiration. It carries away a serpent.
Legend has it that Emperor Domitian once spiked the saint’s wine with poison which miraculously turned into a snake and slithered out of the cup.

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