St. Mark high relief wood sculpture by AVonnHartung for St. Paul's Catholic Church (Pensacola, Florida)

St. Mark

“St. Mark”
A high relief wood sculpture 12 x 33 x 3″, by AVonnHartung
Commissioned by Father Doug Halsema via Liturgical Consultant Dr. Steven Schloeder

For ambo in St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Pensacola, Florida

Biographer and secretary of St. Peter in Rome set against the stormy background of his sojourns and the parable of the sower (Mk 4:2-9),
the saint is juxtaposed to the winged lion (symbol of the majesty of Christ).

Seen in the upper portion of the carving is the Basilica of St. Mark’s in the present day city of Venice of which he is the patron saint. According to tradition it was conceived and built due to a miracle attributed to the saint.

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