St. Paul high relief wood sculpture by AVonnHartung for St. Paul's Catholic Church (Pensacola, Florida)

St. Paul

“St. Paul”
A high relief wood sculpture, 12 x 33 x 3″, by AVonnHartung
Commissioned by Father Doug Halsema via Liturgical Consultant Dr. Steven Schloeder

For ambo in St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Pensacola, Florida

Shown in the valley of the shadow of death as Saul (Psalm 23) in danger of the judgment because of his persecution of the early church, he stands shimmering and resolute in the life changing light of Christ symbolized by Christ’s star of Bethlehem.

Blinded, converted and commissioned as Paul to bring the Good News to the Gentiles (Acts 9:1-15), he thrusts the terrible instrument of his own martyrdom (the Roman executioner’s sword) into the shifting sands of time, thus breaking the chains of hopelessness and death.

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