St. Peter high relief wood sculpture by AVonnHartung

St. Peter

“St. Peter”
A high relief wood sculpture , 12 x 33 x 3″, by AVonnHartung
Commissioned by Father Doug Halsema via Dr. Steven Schloeder

For ambo in St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Pensacola, Florida (Pastor Doug Halsema, Liturgical Consultant Dr. Steven Schloeder of Liturgical Environs)

Artistically I have tried to give this wood sculpture of St. Peter a feeling of the harmony brought to him through the gift of the Holy Spirit in the style of the carving.

St Peter, the fisherman and chosen father of our church, stationed firmly upon the rock, pastoral shaft firmly in hand bearing the symbol of Jesus’ first ambo, Peter’s own fishing boat and Earth, symbol of Creation.

Carved into the rock is also an indication of the sacred heart of Jesus (an artistic contrivance meant to lead us to understand the mysterious ways in which God works the Holy Spirit into our lives).

The saint is seen against the background of St. Peter’s at the Vatican, indicating the triumph and succession of the Papacy.

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