VonnHartung_Espinas de Cristo

Thorns of Christ

“Espinas de Cristo” / “Thorns of Christ” wood sculpture by A.VonnHartung
Artist’s Collection

“Thorns of Christ” is a wood carving approximately 2 x 3 feet in size. It exposes violence in all its forms. It is anti-war, anti-abortion, anti-killing and anti-imperialism. Jesus and his Ministry was non-violent. His work and teaching was about Love, about Healing, about Compassion and Forgiving each other our faults and our sins. He Redeems the world. He is the Sustainer of Justice and Peace, of Hope in a broken world. Amen.

“Thorns of Christ” reinforces, along with the phenomenon of His resurrection, the spiritual paradox that the Redemptor still actively suffers because of His oneness with the oppressed. We are reminded of His promise of transcendance over injustice, violence and death.

“Las Espinas de Cristo” refuerza, junto al fenómeno de Su resurrección, la paradoja espiritual que el Redentor aún sufre debido a su unicidad con los oprimidos. Se nos recuerda su promesa de trascender la injusticia, la violencia y la muerte.

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