Expressionistic Works

                  On Earth as it is in Heaven




                         Breath of Life




                              Latter-Day Jonah

“Latter-Day Jonah” is a concept (a drawing with a paste on image of planet Earth) that speaks of the crisis that we face with climate change due to the overuse of carbons in our energy consumption and the unsustainable development that is taking place because of our predatory economic system and the technology that we have developed that is so powerful that it is threatening to destroy the natural balance of God’s creation.

The threat that we witness in the drawing is both the terrestrial devastation shown by the power of the bulldozer and the crisis we face in over-fishing and pollution of our oceans where we see a young fisherman being swallowed like Jonah by a giant fish. This is symbolic of the Awakening of consciousness that we as a species are Awakening to as scientific data is revealed to us.

This drawing in some ways is a self-portrait as I recall becoming aware of the crisis that we face as Humanity peers into and contemplates our future.


                              Thorns of Christ