New Videos for Easter 2020

The Passion of our Lord

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ViaCrucis Station I, painting by AVonnHartungA contemplative video showing the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ (his arrest, taking up of the cross, crucifixion, death and burial) through original paintings and wood sculptures by the artist A.Vonn Hartung,

accompanied by meditative music.



La Pasión de nuestro Señor

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Our Lady of Sorrows closeup_woodcarving by avonnhartungUn video contemplativo, con texto en español, especialmente adecuado para la contemplación y la oración del Viernes Santo acompañado de música meditativa, que muestra la Pasión de nuestro Señor Jesucristo (su arresto, toma de la cruz, crucifixión, muerte y entierro) a través de pinturas originales y esculturas en madera del artista A.Vonn Hartung.


Via Lucis Stations of the Resurrection

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A contemplative video, accompanied by biblical text and meditative piano music, of original paintings by the artist, A. Vonn Hartung showing the Stations of the Resurrection (Via Lucis: The Way of Light) when Jesus appeared to His disciples beginning on Easter Sunday over a period of 40 days until he ascended and then gifted them with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

The original paintings are in the central nave of Catedral San Juan Bautista in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Read more about these Stations of the Resurrection


Via Lucis Estaciones de la Resurreccion

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Un video contemplativo, acompañado de texto bíblico y música de piano meditativa, de pinturas originales del artista, A. Vonn Hartung mostrando las Estaciones de la Resurrección (Via Lucis: El Camino de la Luz) cuando Jesús se apareció a Sus discípulos a partir del Domingo de Pascua durante un período de 40 días hasta que ascendió y luego les regaló el Espíritu Santo en Pentecostés.

Acompañado de música de piano meditativa.

Las pinturas originales están en la nave central de la Catedral San Juan Bautista en el Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico

Leer más sobre estas Estaciones de la Resurrección



The Way of the Light (Via Lucis)

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Images by A.Vonn Hartung

Reflections by Father Thé-Quang Nguyen

Read by James Head

View here Vonn’s paintings, with profound reflections by a Catholic priest in England, and beautifully spoken, posted from the UK on YouTube.

Good news travels fast! No other news is as Astonishing and Life Changing….No other news changed the World more than the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ!

When you can take a 25-minute meditation break, I hope you will watch and listen to this video, the profound reflections are beautifully read by James Head, an English actor/member of the Catholic priest’s church in the UK. You will appreciate the Shakespearean quality of the reader’s voice!

(The church is in Kingstanding UK, which is in north Birmingham)




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