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“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”   Michelangelo


Painting "He has been raised!"_1st Station of the Resurrection by avonnhartung
He has been raised! / 1st Station of the Resurrection


Booklet by Amette Ley published by Catholic Truth Society©2016 with paintings by AVonnHartung


Jesus takes up his cross, ViaCrucis station 2 painting by A.Vonn Hartung
Via Crucis: Jesus takes up his cross


Cristo Abriendo Las Puertas de Misericordia_AVonnHartung
Christ opens the Doors of Mercy


Through Him all things were made Jn 1:3


"Forgive them Father" closeup detail of high relief wood sculpture by AVonnHartung
Forgive them Father


La Madre Dolorosa


"Holy Family" is a high relief wood sculpture by AVonnHartung for private collection
The Holy Family


"The Life and Prophecy of St. John the Baptist" MosaicMural (closeup 4 saints) by AVonn Hartung in Orocovis Puerto Rico
The Life and Prophecy of St. John the Baptist


El Buen Pastor/Good Shepherd painting by AVonnHartung (after A.Soord "The Lost Sheep")
El Buen Pastor: La Oveja Extraviada


"El Sueño de las Dos Columnas" San Juan Bosco/ "The Dream of the Two Columns" mural closeup by AVonnHartung, in Capilla San Juan Bosco (Orocovis, Puerto Rico)
El Sueño de las Dos Columnas / Dream of the Two Columns


Blessed Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Santiago portrait by AVonnHartung_at Pontifical North American College Vatican
Beato Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Santiago


"Let it be Done", painting by AVonnHartung for Walsingham UK
“Let it be Done”


St. Michael Archangel Icon high relief wood sculpture by AVonnHartung (Artist's Collection)
St. Michael Archangel


"Deo Gratias" / "I Give Thanks" serigraph by AVonnHartung
Deo Gratias / I Give Thanks

This map shows the locations and information for some of my principal works of art. Please enlarge the map in order to see all the markers (there are 16 markers in Puerto Rico). To enlarge the map click on the square bracket icon at the upper right side. To open the map legend click on the square icon with arrow on the upper left side.

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  1. Vonn,

    Even as e-mails, your work shows how talented you are. It’s a pleasure to count you and Patty as members of our community and good friends.


  2. I was fortunate to meet your brother many years ago at St Joseph’s Church in New London, Ct. I see him from time to time in and around New London and Niantic, Ct. I remember him being so proud of you and your talent. When I ran into him at the grocery store he was excited to give me this web address so I could admire your work. I am very happy to witness your beautiful works of art, and I am very happy you are still here to express your works, and be able to a part of your on going Christian works.

    1. Thank you Michael! Saint Joseph’s is where it all began for me. The most beautiful Sacred Art and filled with the Faithful. My Brother and I were so Blessed to have such a Family. I’m thankful you’re still here also. Folks forget that Beauty is the language of Love and God speaks it Most Fluently. All of Creation is His and ours to share if only we Care.
      God Bless. vonn

  3. Saludos a Don Arturo
    y a su distinguida esposa
    pareja tan amistosa,
    espontánea y sin muro
    que dejan ambiente puro
    por su amor por Puerto Rico
    en arte tan exquisito
    por su gente, por su flora
    y su fauna que la explora
    en el lienzo y en granito.

    Un honor el conocerles.

    1. Saludos Don José …
      El encuentro con usted es la prueba de que se encuentra gente interesante en los senderos menos viajados . También me recuerda que si te encuentres con una persona que es un oyente excepcional
      con un curioso sentido de inteligencia e interés, puede ser una persona extraordinaria! Así que no fue sorprendente descubrir que, además de la recolección de objetos muy interesantes y curiosos de todo tipo, eres también un autor.
      Muchas Gracias por sus palabras bondadosas. Definitivamente intentamos a visitar a Carlos en Vega Alta, tan pronto como lo permita la vida.
      Mientras tanto vamos a mantener un ojo agudo para usted si vamos a cualquier lugar interesante en los senderos menos viajados.
      Que disfrutes la búsqueda de tesoros y su escritura!
      Sus amigos de interés, Arturo y Patricia

  4. Vonn- beautiful work, from one carver to another you are truly a gifted artist, it was so good seeing you again after all these years

  5. Ray. It was also wonderful to see you again and to see the work you and the carvers are doing at the island.
    So they have purchased a honing machine and fortunate to still get one.
    Looks as I will be back in Aug. Hope to see you then..
    Good Carving, God Bless. Vonn

  6. Thank you Vonn for sharing your beautiful Artwork with me — I was so very fortunate to run into your Brother Neil a couple months ago, after loosing track of you for so many years — I was equally concerned to hear of your plight after the devastation from the recent storm(s) that hit Puerto Rico —- I am so glad that you & I have reunited our friendship, and that I got a chance to view your beautiful artwork. — Please know that my prayers for a speedy end to the hardship that you are enduring, are with you and your Family — God Bless you, and please keep in touch ! ————– Jan Miller

    1. Jan, I just became aware of your uplifting post on my website. I’m so glad that you bumped into my brother, that we are back in touch and that you find my artwork inspiring. It was from a very early age that I pursued Catholic Sacred Art. Jesus is the Light of the world! To help bring Him and His saints closer to our brothers and sisters I believe helps to spread that Light. It is wonderful to be in touch with you once again. God Bless you! Vonn

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