Eve and Adam—a pandemic carving

When the pandemic was announced in early March 2020 we were ordered to Lock-down in Quarantine.

As a professional woodcarver, and not knowing how long we would be quarantined, I realized I need to do a woodcarving—carving has always acted as a grounding effect for me.

And I knew it would need to be a carving that would speak to the Pandemic, but also that which I believe brought on the Pandemic—an imbalance in the mode in which we live with Nature, the destruction of the cosmos! Impending climate collapse!

The Question is, are we—the Human Species—continuing to cause this imbalance and if so, can we correct it?


This Question is the essence of the message of the carving. 

 We see our modern-day Adam pondering this question shown more as his temptation—recalling the original story of the Garden of Eden.

To answer this the parable of The Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit speak to us here and now as we find ourselves in A Garden Moment of Time.

Eve and Adam

“Our Garden Moment”

Time was we thought right from wrong,
was caused by what Adam did
for lack of judgment less than strong.

But since we left the Garden
we’ve wandered and we’ve strayed,
off the straight and narrow,
off the path we’ve paved.

Seems some still hold the feeling
that it should not be them to shame—
But that “surely it was the Other.”
So they invented Blame.

So they reject the garden story
along with forbidden trees.
They see no problem in doing anything
they “Damn Well Please!”

Now our Modern Adam
has quite a powerful Thrust.
Cause with nods from his Investors
it is “In Him they Trust”

So it’s come and so it goes
so many times around.
It’s made us all quite dizzy
and scrambled Sacred ground.

So now We stand-in with Eve and Adam,
but this time we’re ALL around,
looking up once again.
But knowing the Forbidden Fruit
still is mostly underground.

But now the truth stands out for us,
for all of us to see,
where once were lies, it’s clear,
spoken in whispers, OH so low,
whispered in one man’s ear.

So with Eve we tremble,
as our new Adam eyes what may be reason,
for the last time that we Fall.
And again mistakes
in thinking of no consequence
if he listens to The Snake.

Our Eve cries out “Listen to us Mothers
and Will-be Mothers, for little time is left.
Hear our voice, it is our choice
to birth and bear our kin.
Who if worthy of Us,
will do for those who follow,
what WE now do for Them.”

For it was before, we little thought
beyond our children and theirs.
Now we must “In God we Trust”
be the bridge for all our children’s
future tomorrows…

A.VonnHartung 2022


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Ecologist Nick Brokaw introduces Vonn and his pandemic woodcarving Eve and Adam

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