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Welcome to The Gallery Store!

Here are high quality giclée print reproductions on canvas of works of art that I have painted or carved over the last 47 years. Having been asked many times if I had any art for sale, I am finally able to say Yes, I do!

I am now able to offer some of my work to share with you. This makes me very happy! It is a fulfillment that is both personal and communal, in the sense that most people that see and know my art live close to the churches where the works live. Some of these works are reproduced from the walls and windows of those churches and the other works I have painted or carved during periods when I was not working on commissioned projects.

Now the work can be shared with people that live far away and anyone who would like to have them in their homes or places of work, and that is a wonderful blessing.

Because some of the works were done at distant time intervals and contain a variety of themes, I have expressed some thoughts about them, as each one is a deep probe and contemplation of the subjects.

I welcome any comments or suggestions you might have.  AVH

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  1. Vonn, I tried to email you but it came back. So sorry if this is not a good site to leave a message. My name is Cindy and I had cut your brothers hair for about forty years. His family always treated me like family. I just wanted to tell you how proud Neil was of you. He use to bring copies of your work into the shop. He would get so excited when talking about your talent. He diffidently was a character with a big heart. I’m in PR visiting friends. Beautiful Island.

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