Sacred and Profane

Fishers of Men

I dedicate this Painting and Poem to all First Responders.
All people who are Suffering
or Acting to live in Balance with our Climate,
who strive for the good of others
and Future Generations…

Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men go out further than any boat can know.
They sail over the shoals and rocks, where no others dare to go!

They fish with nets of Mercy in seas and oceans drag,
for those who’ve lost their footing and off the decks were dragged.

They troll in lakes of poison, in rivers clogged with slime
to pull aboard the wretched that Sin has rendered blind.
They scoop up the fragile and their kind, that hold fast to the line of flotsam and jetsam
that hope has left behind!

They surf the tides of turmoil and teach no fear of death.
They rise in swells of innocence until clear knowing builds and crests.

Fishers of men, fish for Souls, Souls that lose their way,
those who’ve sunk below the pale,
who in the deep of muck and dark, in the bottom lay.

Fishers of Men are Saviors!
Compassion, Love, and Mercy are how they reach so deep.
Following the Savior they’ve learned “Saving Grace” comes through Faith,
Humility and Penance in Redemption is forgiveness.
It is the Master’s Way, the Truth and the Life.

So as they Fish they teach us the Way to Pray, which is to say,
fish to save, for ALL on Earth are fragile and ALL on Earth need us to Pray,
to Serve, so in our own turn—We may save
and with our Savior stay …

A.Vonn Hartung ©2022

The Bombing of Ukraine

This original painting shows the bombing of Ukraine in February 2022
The Bombing of Ukraine

The Bombing of Ukraine

acrylic on canvas 32 x 38 inches

Because we are witnessing the invasion and bombing of Ukraine, I painted this Glimpse of the Sacred juxtaposed to the Profane.

The innocent victims are protected by the sanctity of Saint Sophia cathedral with its magnificent spires shown in the foreground in Kyiv. They are juxtaposed to the shelling near Ukraine’s six Nuclear Reactors at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station, and the devastation and destruction of War.

The Ukrainian people are suffering Terror!

A bombshell killed dozens of people waiting in line for food. Bombs have been destroying buildings and people’s homes, even destroying the zoo.

What we are seeing in the resilience of the Ukrainian people is Democracy in Action! Indeed, ordinary people are putting themselves in front of tanks.  Farmers are clearing roads with their tractors. Indeed, millions of bombed out families are trying to escape the terrorism of war.

Courageous people around the world are raising our voices against these horrors.


El Bombardeo de Ucrania

acrílico sobre lienzo 32 x 38 pulgadas


Debido a que estamos presenciando la invasión y el bombardeo de Ucrania, pinté este Vislumbre de lo Sagrado yuxtapuesto a lo Profano.

Las víctimas inocentes están protegidas por la santidad de la catedral de Santa Sofía con sus magníficas agujas que se muestran en primer plano en Kiev. Están yuxtapuestas al bombardeo cerca de los seis reactores nucleares de Ucrania en la central nuclear de Zaporizhzhia, y la devastación y destrucción de la guerra.

El pueblo ucraniano está sufriendo Terror!

Una bomba mató a decenas de personas que esperaban en la fila para recibir comida. Las bombas han estado destruyendo edificios y casas, incluso destruyendo el zoológico.

Lo que estamos viendo en la resiliencia del pueblo ucraniano es Democracia en Acción! La gente común se está poniendo frente a los tanques. Los agricultores están limpiando caminos con sus tractores. Millones de familias bombardeadas intentan escapar del terrorismo de guerra.

Gente valiente de todo el mundo está alzando la voz contra estos horrores.

Ukrainian Mother and Child

Ukrainian mother and child

Latest painting— “Ukrainian Mother and Child” 

The Sacred and the Profane

This painting “Ukrainian Mother and Child” addresses the Sacred (Love in Peace) contrasted by the Profane (Hate in War).

Additionally it speaks of the Spiritual opposed to the Material.

The towers of the cathedral of Kyiv, Saint Sophia are visible in the upper middle.  Moreover the love of the mother and peace of the sleeping child express the spirituality.

 Significantly, on either side of the Ukrainian mother and child are the mysterious hands holding up the Sky.

Furthermore, two constellations were visible at that latitude on the night Ukraine was invaded. Accordingly, to the right of Ukrainian mother and child is Ursa Major and Polaris (the North Star) and to their left Draco the Dragon.

They are symbols of the Love that comes to protect mother and child, and all Ukrainians with Prayers from around the world.

The Profane (War) speaks for itself with the violence of killing by bullets, explosions and destruction of bombs and the burning flames of War devouring countless Innocent lives…

 Painting acrylic on canvas 30″ by 36″ by A. Vonn Hartung

This image was recently published by the European Baptist Federation  for their Christmas card 2022

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Mi última pintura”Madre e hijo ucraniano”

Lo sagrado y lo profano

Esta pintura “Madre e hijo ucraniano” aborda lo Sagrado (Amor en Paz) en contraste con lo Profano (Odio en Guerra).

También habla de lo Espiritual opuesto a lo Material.

Las torres de la catedral de Kiev, Santa Sofía son visibles en la mitad superior. De manera significativa la espiritualidad se expresa en el amor de la madre y la paz del niño dormido. A ambos lados de la madre y el niño ucranianos,

las manos misteriosas que sostienen el Cielo.

Dos constelaciones eran visibles en esa latitud la noche en que Ucrania fue invadida. Mirando a la madre y al hijo ucranianos, a la derecha está Osa Mayor y Polaris (la Estrella Polar) y a su izquierda Draco el Dragón.

Son símbolos del Amor que viene a proteger a la madre y al niño, y a todos los ucranianos con Oraciones de todo el mundo…

La Profana (Guerra) habla por sí misma—con la violencia de matar a balazos, explosiones y destrucción de bombas y las llamas ardientes de la Guerra devorando incontables vidas Inocentes…

  Pintura acrílica sobre lienzo 30″ por 36″ por A. Vonn Hartung

Esta imagen fue publicada recientemente por la Federación Bautista Europea para su tarjeta de Navidad 2022